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What should I wear to class?

For pole fitness classes you will need shorts and a tank top or

t-shirt. You need skin to grip the pole. Also no lotions or oils the day of class, it will make you very slippery and make your pole workout more difficult. You are welcome to dance barefoot or in heels depending on what you prefer. For Aerial classes you want to wear tight clothing such as leggings or yoga pants. For stretching and floor work classes layers work well along with legwarmers and socks. Under the classes tab you will find specific recommendations for certain classes.

What if I have no upper body strength or feel out of shape?

We hear this all the time! That is why you take classes to become strong while having a lot of fun. You will begin to love your body for all the amazing things it can do. 

How does the waiting list work?

When classes are full, you can sign up for the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list for a class you should plan on attending class. If you can no longer take the class, make sure to remove yourself from the waiting list to avoid being added in and not being able remove yourself prior to our 24-hour cancellation period.


You can be added to class from the waiting list up to 24 HOURS before class start time as other students sign out making room available in classes. You will receive an automatic email or text notification letting you know you have been added to class. (PLEASE NOTE, make sure you are opted in to receive text and email notifications, if you are not opted in you will not receive these notifications and are still expected to monitor your waitlist status through your account as a raven will not be dropping off your notification for you). When you are added to class from the waiting list you will be held to our regular 24-hour cancellation policy. 


Email Notification: Please stay opted in for email notifications on your Mindbody account. You will receive an automated email notification when you have been added to class. The first email may go to your junk mail so be sure to check there. 

Text Notification: We like this way the best! Please opt yourself in for text notifications on your Mindbody account. You will then receive a text notification when you have been added to class. You can reply YES or NO to the text notification if you would like to be added or not. If you do not reply to the text you will still automatically be added to class and will be held to our regular 24-hour cancellation policy. 

I have taken a pole fitness classes before, do I still need to take the "Fresh Meat" Intro. to Pole class?  

No, if you have previous pole dance experience please take a look at our level system under the CLASSES tab to see class prerequisites. Please follow our level system as each studio will be different. If you need help deciding which level is best for you please email info@thebrassringchicago.com we are happy to help direct you to the correct level of classes.

Are the Aerial classes advanced?

No, the aerial classes are beginner level. Our Aerial Class is a small group class. You will try both Aerial Hoop (Lyra), and Aerial Silks

Are Men allowed in class? 

Yes, we are a  co-ed studio. We welcome anyone who would like to try pole dance and aerial fitness.  

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