I am new to The Brass Ring where do I begin?...Here is our level system to help  you decide what classes are best for you at any level...


If you have never taken a pole dancing class or aerial fitness class before, if you have taken a class or two and want to start at the beginning, or you need a refresher course, you will want to start with POLE BASICS for pole dancing or BEGINNER AERIAL FITNESS for an aerial class.  


Ready to try pole fitness?  This class is required if you have never taken
a pole class before or if you want a well-rounded refresher course.  You will be introduced to a perfect mix of sexy dance, spins and tricks... a little taste of everything Pole!  
We recommend that you take at least 8-12 POLE BASICS classes, before you move on to the next level of classes which is POLE FUNDAMENTALS and SEXY BASICS.



Ready to try aerial fitness?  Our small group beginner aerial classes allow you to get your feet off the ground and fly.  Enjoy the air up there as you learn the basic fundamentals of multiple aerial apparati, including aerial silks (fabric) and aerial hoop (lyra).  We are mainly a pole dance studio but offer 2 classes a week in beginner aerial fitness.  The instructor will advance you as needed as you progress. 


Please follow the level system, it is designed to help you progress safely. It is our goal to meet the specific needs of our clients, we want to help you build strength and learn proper technique which is essential for your continued growth. If you have experience but are uncertain about your level, please contact us, we can assess your current ability and recommend the appropriate classes for you. We retain the right to not allow you to participate in class if you do not meet the prerequisites for the class level you are registered for. Please understand this is for your safety and so you get the most out of your classroom experience. 


Congratulations, you are now ready for more classes!  Once you are ready to advance your pole dancing skills after a minimum of 6-12 POLE BASICS CLASSES these are the following classes your may take:


*POLE FUNDAMENTALS - CLIMB & SPIN (must complete a minimum of 6-12 before taking any level 1 classes)




*Hip Hop/Twerk Pole Dance Level 1

*Aerial class


This is our beginner level pole tricks class.  You will learn the fundamental concepts that will be the blueprint to build a solid foundation for you pole journey.  This class will focus on spin technique, climbing, basic pole tricks, movement theory, and conditioning.  This is a great drop-in class for more advanced students who would like to review important pole fundamentals.  Once you are comfortable with the class content and can climb and spin confidently, you are ready to move onto POLE FUNDAMENTALS 2 - INVERTED and/or POLE TRICKS LEVEL 1.


Sexy basics

This class can be taken after you have completed 3 "FRESH MEAT" Intro. to Pole classes.  Sexy Basics is a pole dance class that focuses on the sexy side of pole dance.  A great class for beginners to build your dance vocabulary and practice fluidity on and off the pole.  Learn to work heels, add sensual details to your pole work, floorwork, and your aerial tricks.  This class is all about style, with fun choreography and movement technique.  Your dancing will be mesmerizing in no time!  *Please wear knee pads, socks and/or heels.  


One of our most popular classes!  Think of the floor as another dance apparatus.   Just like pole dancing you need to build a strong foundation for floor work.  You will learn the fundamentals of shoulder rolls, beginner floor acrobatics, and sexy slides.  Through movement exercises and choreographed floor routines you will fall in love with slithering around on the ground. Once you are comfortable with the content of this class, you can forward and backward shoulder roll, headstand and handstand you can move up to Advanced Floorwork.  *Please wear knee pads, socks and/or heels to floorwork classes. Don't have stripper heels?... That's ok, we have heels you can try.  We are a certified Pleaser Shoe dealer if you eventually decide you  would like to purchase your own pair, we offer them at a discounted price.



After you have completed a minimum of 6-12 Pole Basics Classes along with 6-12 Sexy Basics  or 6-12 Pole Fundamentals classes. Enjoy a wide variety of dance styles.  Focus on the art of musicality as you move to all kinds of musical genres, learning different dance styles including: exotic, contemporary, hip hop and everything in between.  

Hip Hop/ twerk pole dance level 1

Hip Hop style pole dance class with an emphasis and twerking, bouncing and undulating. Emphasis on matching beats and lyrics in the music to movements in your body creating an upbeat stylized choreography in this level 1 pole dance class. Basic level spins and pole transitions required.


You will bend over backwards for this class.  This is a non pole class. There are no perquisites for this class.  Contortion is perfect for those interested in gaining flexibility, improving full body mobility, learning safe contortion technique or if you just want a gentle stress relieving class.  Stretching is an essential part your fitness training.  As we get stronger we need to keep full range of motion for a healthy body.  This class leads you through a sequence of stretches and exercises that will help you safely improve your flexibility.  Listening to your body and consistency is essential for progress in your flexibilty journey.



After you have completed a minimum of 8-12 POLE BASICS classes and the recommended and 8-12 POLE FUNDAMENTALS 1 - CLIMB & SPIN, you are ready for POLE TRICKS LEVEL 1.  In this class you will learn and perfect pole dance moves, spin theory, and basic pole tricks that will be the foundation of your pole knowledge.  You will receive a LEVEL 1 list of foundational pole moves.  Once you are comfortable with these pole moves and have instructor consent you are ready to advance to POLE TRICKS LEVEL 2. 

Things you will learn in Level 1
Recommended: Pole Fundamentals 1
*Beg. Pole Spins
*Pole Sits
*Fan Kick
*Cross Knee Release
*Hood Ornament
*Climb to Strong Hold  Grip

After you have completed POLE FUNDAMENTALS LEVEL 1 and POLE TRICKS LEVEL 1, and the recommended POLE FUNDAMENTALS 2 - INVERTED, you are ready for POLE TRICKS LEVEL 2.  In this class you will take your pole moves from LEVEL 1 and evolve them into new shapes and combos.  You will learn about the pole world upside down and learn how to perfect inverts and leg hangs.  This class will focus on important inverted pole moves that are integral for more advanced pole tricks and aerial pole combinations.  Combine your spins and pole dance movement  into fluid combinations and transitions.  You will receive a LEVEL 2 list of foundational pole moves.  Once you are comfortable with these pole moves and have instructor consent you are ready to advance to POLE TRICKS LEVEL 3. 

*Beg. Pole Spins
*Pole Sits
*Fan Kick
*Cross Knee Release
*Hood Ornament
*Climb to Strong Hold  Grip
Recommended: Pole Fundamentals 2
*One arm spins, bracket grip spins
*Cross Ankle Release
*Invert prep
*Wrist Sit
*Scissor sit
*Headstand with pole
*Hood Ornament

After you have completed Level 2 Pole Tricks and recommended completion of  POLE FUNDAMENTALS 2 - INVERTED, you are ready for POLE TRICKS LEVEL 3.  We also recommend taking POWER POLE and STATIC COMBOS in conjunction with this class.  At this point, you have built a strong pole foundation and are ready to take those skills and add power and flexibility to your pole work.  The focus is on learning more advanced pole tricks from your foundational knowledge and how to link these tricks together to create exciting combos.  You will learn power spins, drops, and tumbles.  In this class, you will begin building repel moves, acrobatic base work and floorwork, along with aerial inversions. You will receive a LEVEL 3 list of foundational pole moves.  Once you are comfortable with these pole moves and have instructor consent you are ready to advance to POLE TRICKS LEVEL 4. 

*Invert from floor to chopper
*Inside and outside leg hangs
*Aerial Bracket Grip Holds
*Brass Monkey
*Side Climb
*Cross Ankle Release
*Leg hang switches

After you have completed Level 3 POLE TRICKS, you are ready for POLE TRICKS LEVEL 4.  We recommend POWER POLE, SPIN POLE and STATIC COMBOS in conjunction with this class.  This is our advanced level pole tricks class.  You must be able to comfortably aerially invert to a chopper, shoulder mount to chopper, extended butterfly, inverted D, inside outside leg hangs, brass monkey,  Jade variations, caterpillar climb, cross ankle release, superman, handstand pole mounts and be comfortable with spinning pole.  This class list will always evolve as new tricks and transitions are invented.  You will learn handsprings, ayeshas and advanced/professsional level tricks and combinations.  It takes people years to get to this level, your technique and understanding of the content in POLE TRICKS LEVEL 1, 2, and 3 should be very strong before taking this class. 

*Aerial Invert
*Shoulder Mount
*Extended Butterfly
*Cattipillar Climb
*Inverted D
*Goofy Grip Invert
*Reverse Grab Spin
*Handstand with Pole
*spinning inversions on static pole

If you can't make your leveled pole class time and would like to work on your specific trick level, OPEN LEVEL POLE TRICKS LEVEL 1-4. Must have completed 6-12 POLE BASICS classes and 8-12 POLE FUNDAMENTALS classes you can sign up for this class. Must be comfortable climbing before taking this class. Your instructor will lead a warm up and work with you individually on your leveled trick list. This is a perfect oppurtunity to work through any moves you may be missing or to focus on those nemesis moves.


Put a “spin” on what you have learned on static pole.  Take the moves your are working on in LEVEL 1 and 2 and use them on spin pole.  Focus on techniques for controlling your momentum while on spin pole and how to use that momentum to create beautiful beginner flow combos.  Must be able to forearm climb on static pole and have completed a minimum of 8-12 Pole Basics classes and 8-12 POLE FUNDAMENTALS - CLIMB & SPIN classes before taking this class.



After you have completed 6-12 POLE BASICS CLASSES and 6-12 POLE FUNDAMENTALS - CLIMB & SPIN classes and are comfortable forearm climbing then you are ready for POWER POLE. This is one of our most popular classes and is great for levels 1-4.  Add to your repertoire a stronger understanding of conditioning, strength building and proper muscle engagement for building strength rapidly and safely.  Focus on technique for power moves.  It takes consistency to be able to hold your body in the air, the principles you will learn in this class must be worked on diligently so you can build the strength necessary to execute them effortlessly.  The focus of this class is on inversions, ayehsas, power climbs, power spins, and grip variations.  You will gain HULK like strength from this class and your body will be doing things you never imagined it could do!



This class will focus on personal movement: melt into the pole, glide across the floor, breathe into beautiful shapes and extensions, and allow music to flow through your body to create a truly fabulous and unique class experience. Freestyle Dance Class provides a calm, welcoming, accepting environment for you to express yourself and move the way your body wants to.  Class will begin with a  relaxing warm up and progress into guided movement exploration.  This class does not teach choreography.  We recommend that you already have a pole dance vocabulary. Recommended - a minimum of 3 POLE BASICS classes and 3 POLE DANCE classes before attending this class.


Open Gym sessions are instruction-free, supervised practice time.  Students will use this time to perfect movement learned in class, to work on routines or enjoy spending a little alone time to train with your aerial apparatus of choice.  There will be an instructor present if you need a spot or assistance.  Students are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to instruct one another.  Students must work within their level of abilities.  Students are NOT allowed to adjust aerial equiptment, instructors are there to make equiptment adjustments.  Mats must be used during this time when training on all aerial equipment.  You must be a current Brass Ring student or have permission from The Brass Ring staff before signing up for OPEN GYM.


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